The main desire of a property investment is to enhance its value. You yearn for it to be worth greater than the starting price. There are cheaper means to add value. Also, there are more luxurious and in-depth renovations to be applied.


Low-Cost Tips

There are basic things any real estate owner can perform to increase the appeal of the property. Even if these basic tips may not gain thousands of dollars to the value of the property, by not performing them, you may not define the entire value of your property. These fixes can be performed even if there are not any outside help. Even if they are low cost, these can add a whole new value to your property.

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  1. Maintain its cleanliness. This way the value of your property increases. This concerns both the outside and the inside of the property. For a fact, strange odors, garbage and dirt are disadvantageous to the value of the property.
  2. Hire professional painters so they can apply fresh paint. A fresh coat of paint to a home endows amazing results. It can enliven and brighten a used-up space.
  3. Add curb appeal. Adding plants, outdoor lights or shutters will add more good features to your property.
  4. Add new fixtures. Add a new light fixture, doorknob, cabinet handle or light switch cover. It’s a basic way of adding new life into a property.
  5. Stage the property. Cleaning a space and allowing a function to a room can contribute more value, because a lot of buyers has poor imagination. Putting furniture in the right way, the size of furniture and the number of furniture is vital.


High-End Tips

There are renovations you can add to your property that bears mid to high end costs. It relies on the range of renovation applied and the materials chosen. These kinds of updates will likely add significant value to a home:

  1. Add architectural specifics. You can add more beauty to a room thru adding a chair or crown molding to it.
  2. Add new windows or doors. This is a very important venture. Not only does it gain better aesthetics to a home, but it also lowers down the noise inside the house, help cut down on heating bills and cooling bills as well as add natural lighting thru a home.
  3. Adding new flooring. Changing the carpet, adding hardwood or placing tiles contributes more value to the home.
  4. Lower down noise. It is necessary to have a peaceful feel to a home. There are a lot of means to lower down noise in houses, like adding plants, placing insulation, adding carpets and rugs to lower down the sound of footsteps as well as adding double pane windows and doors.
  5. Partially renovate a kitchen or bath. This pertains to renovating a portion of the room. It may be adding new flooring or countertops. In the bathroom, you may change the bathtub, sink and toilet. In a kitchen, it may concern purchasing new appliances.
  6. Wholly renovate a kitchen or bath. Doing this means to completely change the look of the room. It may concern adding a new toilet, new cabinets, new shower, new countertops, new flooring, new tub, new lighting fixtures, new appliances, new faucets, new cabinet handles or new sinks.
  7. Apprise siding. There are a lot of choices for home siding. The perfect kind usually depends on the climate and the area the home is situated. It is an update that will aid in developing the whole aesthetic look of the home.
  8. Build a better floor plan. This could mean bringing down the wall between a kitchen and living room. Also, it could show a different layout for the kitchen, so that there is a usable space. Furthermore, it could mean placing a bathroom to a master bedroom to have a suite. Additionally, building a better floor plan could show a swapping between the location of two (2) rooms, like an office and a dining room. It will show an improved flow in the house. It could also mean having a space away from a room to another room.

Thailand real estate

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